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Wisdom Teeth Removal near San Marcos, CA

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wisdom teeth removal in encinitas caWisdom teeth are the third molars that erupt during your late teens or early twenties. They’ve earned the name “wisdom teeth” because of their appearance later in life, when you’re far more “wise” than you were as a child. Despite the positive connotations of their name, however, wisdom teeth can end up causing pain and dental problems for certain people. If you or your child are suffering because of third molars, our experienced and compassionate dentist can help you with painless wisdom teeth removal near San Marcos, CA.

Problems That Wisdom Teeth Cause

When your wisdom teeth begin to emerge, they may grow in at an incorrect angle, putting pressure on the surrounding teeth. Similar to the way that pressure from orthodontic braces slowly push your teeth into an ideal position, the pressure from wisdom teeth can gradually shift the rest of your teeth out of alignment. The crooked appearance of your teeth will be the least of your problems, though. Misaligned teeth can result in lifelong jaw pain, headaches, and other issues.

Some patients also have impacted wisdom teeth. If your wisdom teeth are impacted, this means your jaw bone has insufficient space for them to erupt. They are effectively trapped under your molars or in your jaw bone. If not treated promptly, your impacted wisdom teeth can cause numerous health issues, including permanent damage to your bones and teeth and even infection.

Signs of Wisdom Teeth Problems

During your regular 6-month preventive dental checkups, Dr. McElroy will evaluate the state of your wisdom teeth as part of your dental exam. If your wisdom teeth show signs of impaction or are erupting incorrectly, we will advise you to have them extracted as soon as possible. This way, we can help you avoid the early painful signs of wisdom teeth problems.

If you experience any of the following symptoms between your routine dental appointments, we recommend that you schedule an examination:

  • Bad taste when you bite down on food
  • Jaw pain or tenderness
  • Red or swollen gums around your teeth
  • Persistent bad breath

During your exam, our dentist will determine whether your symptoms are related to wisdom teeth or another dental issue. We will then consult with you about the best way to remove your wisdom teeth.

Call Our Office For Wisdom Teeth Removal near San Marcos, CA!

Our dentist at McElroy Smiles By Design specializes in painless wisdom teeth removal. If you feel nervous or anxious about your procedure, we also offer a variety of sedative and non-sedative relaxation options to help put you at ease. Learn more about our relaxation dentistry and sedation dentistry options by clicking here.

If you believe you or your child needs wisdom teeth removed, call our dental office to schedule an examination and consultation. During your appointment, our dentist will answer all your questions about wisdom teeth and tooth extractions. Your comfort – both physical and emotional – is our priority! Call 760-479-9898 or click here to request your appointment today!


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