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Sedation Dentist near San Marcos, CA

Explore Our Options For A Relaxing, Comfortable Appointment

We understand that some people aren’t completely comfortable when visiting the dentist. This can lead to patients putting off preventive dental cleanings and checkups, which is detrimental to dental health. If you need a little extra help relaxing, our caring dentist and staff at McElroy Smiles By Design can assist you. With our comforting amenities, relaxation techniques, and even our sedation options, our sedation dentist near San Marcos, CA, can transform your dental care visit into a gentle, calming, and enjoyable experience.

Keep reading to learn about the ways you can feel more relaxed during your dental appointment at McElroy Smiles By Design.

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Amenities For Your Comfort

5 star rated encinitas ca sedation dentist comfort amenitiesOur entire team at McElroy Smiles By Design want you to feel relaxed and comfortable during your visit. To help you feel at ease, we offer a selection of beverages including coffee, hot chocolate, tea, juices, and bottled water.

We also provide access to additional complimentary amenities before and during your dental appointment, including…

  • Blankets
  • Lumbar pillows
  • Wi-Fi services
  • Flat-screen cable TV
  • Music

These amenities are also available for any friends or family who might accompany you on your visit to our dental office.

After your treatment, we will give you warm towels, so you can freshen up before going on with your day. In short, your comfort is one of our top priorities every moment you are with us! To learn more about our comfort amenities, call us at 760-230-6638, or click here to take advantage of our $99 Dr. McElroy New Patient Dental Health Exam.

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Our Techniques For Relaxation

5 star rated encinitas ca sedation dentist relaxation techniquesIn our open and caring setting, you will be provided dental care by professionals who understand and sympathize with your dental anxiety. We strive to help you feel at ease with both our extensive expertise and through our efforts to take care of your emotional requirements. Should you have any questions or concerns about how we can help you feel comfortable during your appointment, please don’t hesitate to call us at 760-230-6638.

Whether you opt for sedation or not, you can reduce your anxiety with these time-tested techniques recommended and used by Dr. McElroy…

  • Talk to us  –  To reassure you that your procedure is the best option for you, we can explain exactly what will happen during and after. At McElroy Smiles By Design, we welcome you to ask as many questions as you want. If you like, we can also talk through the steps of your procedure as we do them, so you always know exactly what is about to happen.
  • Bring a portable music player – Music acts as a relaxant, and it can also drown out noises of dental equipment. Enjoying some calming music during your appointment.
  • Agree on a signal – Establish a hand signal with Dr. McElroy to alert him if you are in pain. Decide on a “pause please” sign to gain a sense of control during your treatment.
  • Tell us how you are feeling – At the beginning of your visit, don’t let embarrassment or shyness stop you from sharing your fears with us. Our compassionate dentist and staff understand dental anxiety. When we know how you feel, we can take additional steps to help you feel more at ease.
  • Request throat spray – Throat sprays (for instance, Vicks® Chloraseptic® Throat Spray) can control the gag reflex. A couple of sprays will often keep the reflex in check for about an hour or so, to make treatment more comfortable.
  • Bring a mirror – Having the ability to observe what is happening can give you a sense of control and will help keep reality at the front of your mind.
  • Ask us about sedation dentistry – If you are still not completely relaxed during your dental visit with these techniques, ask about medical options for helping you to relax. These options are explained more thoroughly in the next section.

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Sedation Dentistry

5 star rated encinitas ca dentist sedation optionsThanks to the training, experience, and continuing education, our dental office possesses a range of “No-Fear” sedation options for your peace of mind. With our doctor-supervised medical relaxation options, patients find themselves relaxed throughout their visit to McElroy Smiles By Design.

  • Oral Conscious Relaxation – Oral conscious sedation dentistry (the little “sleep-through-your-dentistry” pill) has become the most common technique in North America to relax dental patients. The method is not difficult and does not require needles. Best of all, the medications create such a soothing encounter that the majority of patients do not recall much about their visit; it is as though they were unconscious through the entire treatment.
  • Nitrous Oxide Gas – Studies show that nitrous oxide gas (more commonly known as laughing gas) is an effective option for patients. The anxiety-controlling effects are oftentimes astounding. More often than not, a person who was anxious walking into a dental appointment is visibly relaxed after maybe one or two breaths of nitrous gas.
  • IV Sedation – Less than 1% of dentists are certified to provide IV sedation dentistry. This option offers more reliable and deeper sedation than either of the options listed above. Dr. McElroy was among the first doctors in California to be certified to administer IV sedation. To this day, he remains dedicated to providing safe, supervised dental sedation for your benefit at our dental office.

Contact Our Expert Sedation Dentist near San Marcos, CA, Today!

When you feel ready for a worry-free dental experience, schedule your appointment with our friendly and experienced office. Call 760-230-6638 or click here to request your appointment today!

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Our 5-Star-Rated Sedation Dentist near San Marcos, CA, Can Help You with All Your Relaxation & Pain-Free Dental Care Needs – Serving Encinitas, Carlsbad, San Marcos, Vista, Oceanside, Solana Beach, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Escondido & San Diego, CA

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"This is a fantastic Dentist, McElroy and the associates in the office are amazing. Our daughters enjoy every time they are here. Very good practice, highly suggested!!"

- Cody H.

"I would definitely recommend Smiles By Design dental office to anyone who is looking for a personable, honest, thorough, and professional dentist. Dr. McElroy and his staff make you feel so comfortable, you forget you are at the dentist!! Highly recommend!"

- Kelly C.

"Had my first appointment at McElroy smiles by design, and the staff was so friendly and informative. It was an enjoyable experience and I plan on going back in the future."

- Isaac W.

"Thanks to everyone in the office! Great service and very punctual. Dr.McElroy is a wonderful dentist, he is very professional and friendly. He does what it takes to do the job perfectly— even if it requires extra time. I needed a lot of work when I first came to the office, but now when its all done, I love the outcome and my new smile! I am stoked!!"

- Wera S.

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