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Pain from a Dental Crown encinitasIf you have recently received a dental crown, you might be quite surprised that the procedure did not fully resolve your pain as you had expected. It is not uncommon for there to be some slight discomfort for a few days after the procedure, which is especially common if a root canal was performed. However, if your crown has been in place for several weeks or even a few years and pain develops, it could indicate that a problem as developed. If you develop any pain from a tooth that has a crown, you need to call your cosmetic dentist in Encinitas to find the underlying cause.

Causes of Tooth Pain from a Crown

A newly crowned tooth, such as one that has undergone a root canal, can be sore for a few days. This is due to pressure being placed in the nerve. However, pain can also develop for other reasons as well, even long after the crown has been placed. For example, if you suffer from bruxism (grinding of the teeth), the pressure can cause areas of the tooth to become sensitive. This can also occur due to a poorly aligned bit.

Although most cases of tooth pain when a tooth has a crown are minor discomforts, there are times the pain could be a sign of a bigger problem. When placing the crown, the tooth is sterilized to seal out bacteria. However, if the tooth was not cleaned properly, bacteria can accumulate, leading to an infection. If the crown has been in place for several years, its bond to the tooth may weaken, allowing a bacterial infection to develop.

Treatment for Tooth Pain from a Crown

If you believe you know the cause of the pain, such as from grinding your teeth, you can try some home remedies to relieve your discomfort. Try home exercise to relax the muscles. You can use over-the-counter pain relievers and cold compresses to manage pain or swelling. You can even purchase a mouthguard to help reduce pressure on the crown. However, if the pain does not subside or becomes more severe, you need to call your dentist.

Pain that does not resolve or becomes worse despite your home care can mean the tooth has become infected or another problem, like gum disease, has developed. Dr. McElroy will evaluate your tooth and crown to find the cause of the discomfort.

If your tooth has become infected, your tooth will need to be treated. This will involve removing the crown and cleaning the tooth from bacteria and damage. Then, the tooth will be sterilized and a new crown will be placed over the tooth.

Your Dentist for Dental Crowns

Finding the cause of your pain is critical to stopping your discomfort while preserving the health of your tooth. Although the pain may be caused from something simple, like grinding of the teeth, it could also be caused by a larger problem. Dr. McElroy will find the cause of the pain and provide the dental crown in Encinitas you need to protect your tooth. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.


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